True to its name, the Sole Sister brand is all about building a community of sisters based on their mutual love for shoes and for self expression through unique footwear.

We believe that the essence of being a woman is all about being able to play different roles. The Sole Sister brand supports women (in their every life facet) by saying “Every shoe, shows off a different you.”. We say to girls all over, “We women could never have too many shoes.

The word “Sole”, at it’s simplest, means the foot, but for the brand, this is given a deeper meaning: “Sole” translates to us as support. Our brand is about helping young women find their “individual perfect complements” to life, love, and fashion. Taken figuratively, as modern culture has popularized it, “Sole” can also be thought of as “Soul”, which translates to passion. It is Sole Sister’s passion to support women everywhere with their perfect emotional companions.

Sister” , as it is universally defined, is “someone who cares, understands, commits” to her fellow sisters. Sole Sister is committed to bringing women together, creating a support group for things women are mutually passionate about. Putting these two words together, our brand is here to empower women to be the well rounded, fulfilled women that they were meant to be.
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